Le Fumoir

Le Fumoir was established by Joe Bassili who learned the art of smoking salmon alongside the Masters of the Trade in Scotland. With over twenty years of experience, he has perfected the traditional techniques and trusts natural ingredients to complement his secret process. Using salmon only sourced from the freshest waters, Joe Bassili relies on ancient art to manually cure, smoke and hand slice our salmon with patience and delicacy.

For over two decades Le Fumoir has been passionately providing to Five Star Hotels, Award-Winning Chefs, and Food Connoisseurs, and is proud to share with you the distinct and mouthwatering flavor of our famous Hand Sliced Premium Smoked Salmon.

Sal's Sushi Bar

Sal's Sushi Bar is in the heart of Depachika food hall, Nakheel Mall, The Palm. Bringing you the finest sushi, made with our premium Salmontini Salmon and love for the craft of sushi making.

There is a wide selection for any sushi fan, making sure we curb any craving, whether it is for a quick bite, or long dinner spent with friends and family.

Our Story